Legacy of fire Campaign in the Desert

Katapesh and a thief

As the Adventurers topped the Glass mountains they could see Katapesh in the valley below. It had been a long and harrowing journey here from Kalamar. Yet something Nagged at them telling them the city may hold something worse for them. Still the Obian Ocean in the background and the setting suns reflections gave a sense of excitement as they began the final descent into the valley.
The stench of dog city raised up as they heard the yipping language of the gnolls all around them. Ogwa had convinced them it would be much safer to enter the city this morning. The small group was sure they had made the right choice as they passed thru the outer warren and came to the gates of the great city. They could see the Zephyer gauds ahead and felt much relief as the sounds and smells behind them diminished.
The first stop was the gilded shell a well-known armor and weapon shop they hoped to sell their hard earned treasures, to give themselves some coins to spend. As they entered the shop they could see the ½ elven owner Matheus arguing with a gnoll about some skins the creature was trying to sell him. The argument escalated until finally the gnoll stormed from the shop with his goods. As the gnoll passed Dearnthorn was nearly overcome by the wretched smell of the “flying lions” hide as the gnoll had called it.
Dearnthorn was in his element as he sat and had the water Matheus had offered him. They did manage to turn a good coin for the items they had brought but were caught unaware when he offered 2000 gold for a shield that had been deemed minimal by the group. They decided to take him up on his offer though as Dearnthorn began to cast magic within the shop and caused concern with the shop owner. Matheus told them the best place to sell the rest of the mundane material was at Barney’s 5 & dime. He also gave them a good lead to a shop for their non-magic Items a place called Azules.
As they left the place feeling a good bit wealthier, Script in hand they decided to head to Barneys. Along the way they stumbled upon a pack of gnolls scooping up a young lady from the street. Ogwa’s blood ran cold at such a site, “let her go dog face” he yelled. From the other side help came in an the unlikely form of a Young Halfling. Onnoc, grabbing a haunch of meat from the nearby stand and tossed a few coins to cover the cost at the hiding patron he began whistling at the gnoll and yelling “come on come on fetch.” Dearnthorn hoping to avoid a confrontational battle in the streets rolled between the legs of the largest beast. Yelling at the dogs to unhand the young lady they told him to buzz off and tried to slap him aside.
The leader a particularly scrounge looking hound told them “ begone the women is ours and we are collecting a debt” blinded by his hatred of the creatures he sprang to the attack with speed and finesse the leader found himself lying on the ground Diors helmet found her helmet in the belly of another knocking the air from his lungs. Onnoc Threw the meat passed the gnolls and for a split second it looked as if they may chased but their senses (and fear of the leader) prevailed. Pressing their abduction of the girl a gnoll grabbed the young kicking and screaming girl up and tried to run. As he turned he saw the quick spin and another Kick from Ogwa bring his remaining companion to the ground.
“Enough” yelled Dearnthorn “put the girl down and leave” with a signal from the scrounge Gnoll the girl was released. Getting up the gnolls began to leave the leader looked at the others and told them “This is not over you will answer to the law, we have a right to the girl as a payment of debt. We will see you in the court. Dearnthorn sensing no good would come from this asked the girl if it was true while the gnolls walked away she confirmed their story telling them her father owed someone 500 gold and she was to work off the debt. Dearnthorn yelled after the gnolls, stopping the leader turned and waited for the Halfling to approach he offered them the 500 gold to pay off the debt. The gnoll argued the price had gone up since they had to fight and told him 600 gold. Reluctantly he paid the gold ( a move he would regret latter because of the dwarves continual whining of it about a waste and the gold would have been better use to purchase a returning Axe she had seen earlier at Mathius’ shop)
Dearnthorn thank Onnoc for his assistance in battle, he had noticed the symbol of Calistrila around his neck and asked of his skills. Impressed with his action in their recent spat with the gnolls he asked if he would like to accompany them in their journey. Onnoc agreed and joined the group as they walked the girl to her family’s house.
Once there they meet and elderly gentlemen her father named Ahmad. He related the story of how he had become so far in debt and explained that he had been tricked. He was hired along with several others to find an rough egg shaped item about 2 feet in length scalloped and leathery feeling. 50 gp was paid in advance to help find the item. He found it noting that sometimes things are hidden right beneath your nose. It had been a curium near the docks that sold shells. Once he retrieved it from the shop though it was stolen from him as he tried to deliver it. Since then the debt has increased 10 gold a week until reaching the current 500 gold and they decided to take his daughter as payment.
The group decided to look into this problem as they let Garavel reminded them they were meeting with Rayhan about the scroll that had caused them so much trouble. Since it was so late in the evening they decided they should go to his villa before the sun had set and continued their journey to his house.
The Villa was a beautiful place the walls where made of sandstone and stood ten feet tall surrounding the house. The back of the ground sat on a cliff 50 feet up from the Obian Ocean the house itself was a modest building three stories high and also made of sandstone.
A gruff voice met them at the gate asking their business Garavel answered it is I Garavel and some adventurers sent here by Ahlma.” The mention of merchant princess’ Ahlma soften the tone of the unseen voice and the gate opened. A tall balding gentle man dressed in white robes greeted them “Garavel it is good to see you, and how is Ahlma? “ without waiting for a response he continued “ Come in, come in dinner is ready and I was just sitting down to eat.”
As he crossed the yard he introduced himself as Rayhan and told the group a bit about himself and the villa. Of course they would be his guests for the evening but beware of the cat stop if you run into her and call out for myself or gardener. Onnoc asked what kind of cat it was the group was surprised to find that a tiger wandered the ground freely.
After dinner, a simple affair consisting of strictly vegetable and fruit, they relayed the story of their adventure leading up to the scroll in their possessions. Rayhan asked them what each knew of the scroll and what they noticed when they saw it. Upon completing this he picked up the item and began to tell them what he believed they had found.
“It would appear that I was a bit hasty in my initial disbelief. This
scroll is highly intriguing. I’ve studied the legend of Kakishon for
years, and in that time I’ve seen countless shams and forgeries and
dead ends. But this scroll… this could be the real thing.
“The legends say that Kakishon was created by the
wizard-king Nex to serve him as a portable paradise and an
impenetrable bolt-hole. Much as the more commonplace bag
of holding opens into its own reality, the Scroll of Kakishon was
said to contain this entire world inside of it—the scroll was
not Kakishon, but the doorway by which Nex could enter and
exit the realm. Kakishon was said to have been a paradise,
a laboratory, a menagerie, a hunting ground, and even a
tomb—most likely, it was all these things and more, with each
island serving a different role.
“The legend of Kakishon falls into increasing obscurity
after Nex’s war with Geb began. All signs point to the strong
possibility that Nex had grown dissatisfied with Kakishon
and had lost interest. When he vanished from the face
of Garund in 576 ar, he left the Scroll of Kakishon behind.
Eventually, it was stolen from his castle and the scroll passed
through many hands. Some used it as a prison for their
enemies, others as a place to impress allies or as a vault for
their treasures, the stories say. The closer to the present
day we get, the more obscure the rumors grow—no sign of
the Scroll of Kakishon seems to have surfaced over the past
several hundred years.
“The last person to own the scroll, I believe, was a Keleshite
wizard named Andrathi. The accounts of his life are vague and
fragmentary, but it would appear that he was the lover of a genie
named Nefeshti, the leader of a group known as the Templars
of the Five Winds. Legend holds that the Templars fought
somewhere in the mountains against a cruel efreeti warlord
named Jhavhul, and that while the Templars of the Five Winds
managed to capture Jhavhul inside of Kakishon, the defeat was
shadowed in loss. No sign of Andrathi or the Scroll of Kakishon
remained after the battle. No sign… until today.
“This is an important find. If you will let me, I would very
much like to look into this matter, to research this scroll and
decipher some of the writings upon it. And if this is indeed
the Scroll of Kakishon, there are protections placed upon it to
prevent undesirables from being able to open it and travel to
the world within. Yet in time, I feel that I will be able to decipher
these writings. You see, before he vanished, the wizard Andrathi
went through the same process—yet he obviously managed to
discover the way to open the scroll, even if it meant his doom.
Some of his writings have survived to this day, and as it happens,
I own copies of these writings. By building upon the foundation
he lays in his writings, I am sure that I will be able to duplicate his
research and refine it. It may take days, even weeks, but if this is
indeed the Scroll of Kakishon, I will find the key to open it.
“But once it is open, I will need your aid, should you be willing
to provide it. The legends speak of great treasures kept safe in
Kakishon, the greatest of which was Jhavhul’s own weapon, the
legendary Firebleeder, said by some to be a falchion and others
a living flame. Sadly, my adventuring days are behind me, but if I
find the way, I would be honored to accompany you into Kakishon
to find the truth!”
After finishing the tale Rayhan asked if he could study the scroll more in his library. The party discussed it among themselves and agreed he feverishly worked the scroll copying all that was noted on it and then began the study in earnest. The party decided to stay and watch over the Scholar as he studied. Onnoc From fear of what the Wizard might be up to Ogwa because it needed protection Dearnthorne wondering its value and Dior because she wanted that Axe! The days drifted by as the group began to realize it would be more then a few days they decided to investigate the story the young girl had told them.
Thru Onnoc’s connections with the pathfinders and Dearnthornes return visit to Ahmad who had sold the goods the group had left with him for a substantial amount. Ahmad gave more information on the egg that had been stolen from him. After they returned to the villa they decided to pursue the egg. On the morning they where to begin Onnoc and Dior went down to the Cliffside Inn to get breakfast t when a young merchant stopped them and asked if she could meet with the group to make an offer for the scroll they possessed. The hairs on the back of Onnocs neck stood on end Thinking quickly and talking the speed of a Gnome he told the women he would be happy but she would have to be blind folded come alone remove all magic and and before she could finish the woman became worried and told him enough and quickly left afraid the Halfling had been partaking in Pesh!
After relaying the story top Ogwea and Dearnthorn the group decided to return to the inn and find out what she knew. A conversation ensued in the middle of the inn and many ears seemed to turn their attention to the group. The merchant had tried to get them to go to a more private booth but decided they did not care if others heard and talked of wanting to offer coins for an item but never mentioned it directly, after determining she new nothing more the group decided they would get back with her a little later to discuss a price. They decided to put the egg on hold for a bit and get the business with the scroll done first. That evening the Villa was attacked and as the group responded to the attacks downstairs and outside, Rayhan was kidnapped from the Library while getting his defensive spells ready to help the group.
The fight was brief the intruders had done their job causing a diversion while Rajhan was kidnapped. It cost them dearly though three had been killed and one captured. The city guards rarely seen was quick to arrive, A women named Kazim a Cleric of Abadar lead the group. The investigation quickly turned up a Ransom note Signed Father Jackel She got the group together and told them:

“Greetings. I apologize for my abrupt arrival, but there is a matter we must discuss. Know that I am here on both the authority of
the church and that of the Pactmasters—and I bring word of their displeasure. Both have been troubled recently by your arrival in our
city. They had hoped your claim was false, or that if it were true, you would conduct your business swiftly and be gone. The traffic
of powerful artifacts is welcome in Katapesh, but it also causes the worst of men’s natures to rise. What we have seen here tonight is
proof of that.

“While the city respects the value of an individual’s property, and theft violates the highest laws of the land, inciting riots and
disrupting trade is equally offensive to our codes, and you currently walk a fine line in that regard.

“Know that several parties have come to the Pactmasters and demanded that the city force you to relinquish control of the Scroll
of Kakishon to the highest bidder. Specifically, the One Source Merchants’ Guild is threatening a trade embargo if they are not
allowed the opportunity to bid for the map. Though you are the rightful owner and cannot be forced to sell, they therefore ask you
to choose a buyer within the next day or else leave the city. It is one thing to hold out on a trade for the best price, but another to hold
out so long that our merchants lose sight of their civility.

“You have but one other option. If you can find out who perpetrated this crime against you and the master of this house, and
if you can bring me proof that the situation has been resolved before the time limit elapses, both the church and the Pactmasters will be
appreciative of your efforts and turn deaf ears to the complaints of a few jealous merchants.”

And this is where the story ends until next tim!

to Kadapesh they went
As the adventurers Dearnthorne, his brother Jacob, Ogwa, Rowena, and Dire Circumstance (DC) Returned to Kelmarane heavy with the burden of Soul Rays Demise they could feel a change in the seasons and temperament of the group. Dearnthorne on the last evening before finally reaching Kelmarane used detect magic on the scroll although he could not identify the strange magic as any he had seen before he did have a flashing vision of a map. Quickly trying to copy it though came to no avail. There was something about the scroll they had found it seemed to be dividing them. Rowena had insisted on carrying it to the point the group had thought it may have been cursed at first, And Jacob insisted that none in the group except himself could decipher its strange magic. The foul mood seemed to follow them all the way from the house of the beast. As they began their final walk into the city they each new there inter twined destinies had come to a cross road. The Sun was bright and the cities buildings seemed of gold as they neared a roar of joy could be heard from the village as they entered welcoming back the heroes. Ahlma and Gerek standing upon the wall where leading the crowds in the chant. Ahlma thought she had done well putting her trust in these young adventurers, and it had turned out profitable for all of them. She the invited the hero’s to a dinner that evening at her villa and let them go about getting their things in order. As the crowd began to disperse it was decided to let Jacob study the scroll, even Rowena had reluctantly decided this was the best option after discovering he had already been studying several pieces of similar strange magic. Dearnthorne was worried about him though and decided to accompany him Jacob was suspicious of him at first but Dearnthorne finally convinced him he would do well with the help, and after all he was his brother. To Dearnthornes surprise Jacob took him to a hideout he had made in the town, not much more than a flop house Dearnthorne realized how much the pesh drugs had affected his brother. He took the opportunity to lift the scroll from Jacob. After setting up the alchemy equipment they had found in the beasts lair and several hits of Pesh Jacob finally realized he had “misplaced” the scroll. As he became more desperate and violent in his search Dearnthorne explained they needed to go to the dinner Jacob screamed at his brother he would not leave until he found it. Dearnthorne left leaving his brother to stew. Rowena went to the temple following Gewalt, the cleric of Seran Ray that had been sent to take charge of the temple. Something about this fellow had bothered her and she decided it was best to keep an eye on him her day at the temple had her catching up with what had been going on since she turned over the reigns a few months back. Her young acolyte Aquina whom she had saved was a fountain of knowledge confirming the strange actions of Gewalt. She would have to check int0 this matter more in the following days. Ogwa and DC had decided to spend the day at the battlement and where treated to round upon round of Ale and mead the bards where eager to hear every word of their tale trying to draw every bit of tantalizing information that could be drawn out of them about their adventure. Ogwa seemed draw the eye of the barmaids and DC those of the adventurer that would count themselves lucky to travel with one so skilled with blades. Even the normal braggarts found themselves out classed by this duo. DC managed to drink a few of them under the table before she decided to stop (after all there was going to be ale at the dinner.) Ogwa’s arm wrestling skill where tested and a few gold told of his streangth. The heroes’ (minus Jacob) ran into each other out just outside of the villa, Dearnthorn was surprised that Rowena noticed he had the scroll on him even though it was in his pack. After the pleasantries they continued their journey to the villa where the entrance guard insisted they leave their weapons Rowena agreed and her Axe was sent back to the church. After a lengthy insistence Gerek arrived and told the heroes he would personally take responsibility for the weapons they finally agreed and went in to join the dinner. A grand display of food ale music and laughter was all about them. Seated at a table to the left of Ahlma (with Rowena seated at the head table with Ahlma) the heroes learned there where also other guests of honor Merchants from Kadapesh seated across from them. Ahlma used the opportunity to recognize the heroes for all they had done for the village and to introduce there distinguished guest (the merchants) from Kadepesh. As Dearnthorne worked the merchants, DC began a conversation with the dwarven merchant who was very pleasant with her until he learned she had no Pesh fields nor other trade goods grew tired of her quickly. Ogwa had noticed Rowena in a worried discussion with Ahlma and Gewalt with Gewalt getting angry. Ogwa asked Rowena about it and found out that Ahlma had asked Rowena to stay on in the church, meaning she may have to leave her traveling companions. It seems fate would have a hand in making the decision. As Dearnthorn was discussing business trying to stay one step ahead of his rival business advisory he noticed a slight shimmer as if magic had been used by the cleric and telltale signs of deception quickly he moved to the closest source of trouble. As the would be assassin thief pulled his weapon Dearnthorns blade pierced the his side keeping his weapon from plunging into his would be victim one of the guest merchants. As Ogwa too had noticed the trouble he swept the feet of the cleric Gewalt who seems to have initiated the attacked suddenly the room was filled with combat quickly the heroes daggers, the only weapons allowed became their only hope. DC seeing that Ahlma (the provider of the Ale and fine foods) was beset by several brigands sprung to her assistance after all, the merchant should have been more polite, and did I mention Ahlma had provided the ale. The quick action of our heroes and their skills with the blades proved to much for the would be thieves. It was over in a matter of minutes. Again they had rescued the town and its leader. Few of the brigands had survived those that did where taken to the jail and interrogated. Ogwa and DC learned through their interrogation that the attack had been a diversion, none of the prisoners new what for but where told they could keep anything they took from the dinner. It took two days of interigation and the combined effort of Ogwa, DC and Gerek to prevail but they got a brief description of the fellow who had hired them and they came to the conclusion it was Zifyod that had arranged for this. Dearnthorn had decided to leave the scroll at his brothel for safe keeping but upon learning of the diversion they decided to have DC guard it. Dearnthorn and Ogwa went to check on Jacob to see if he knew anything when they got to his place they found it a mess the Alchemy lab that Jacob had been so careful with getting it here was broken signs of battle where magic did not seem to prevail Neither Jacob nor his body was anywhere to be found. After going back to get DC and the scroll they decided to get assistance and find out more about this scroll. They brought the scroll to Ahlma who recognized the symbol on the scroll as an ancient symbol attributed to Nex the once great and ruthless King Wizard. It was thought to be more of a deceptive symbol. Many wizards and scholars had attempted to figure out the meaning. She suggested going to the temple of Saren Ray or to see her cleric/scholar at the battle market. She thought it wise not to mention the scroll around town as a precaution. After again seeing Rowena at the temple she had come up with some more information. She was sure Ahlma was correct about the symbol being connected to Nex, she also found out some disturbing news about Gewalt, she was not sure if he was an imposter, or had been corrupted in his following but he was indeed part of the brigands and had been carrying on secretly while the heroes had been gone in some great plot. The help from Ahlma’s cleric turned out to be most useful. There was a bit of confusion when they arrived and could not find the scroll to show him. It turned out the scroll could not be kept in a bag of holding. Once it was found and they returned Ahlma’s scholar seemed excited to see the scroll he panicked the group as they handed it over to him and he cut in half……………………………only to see it mend itself Yes he cried this was the fabled scroll of Kandishar a scroll or rather extra dimensional retreat created by Nex himself! He recommended the group talk again to Ahlma and that they take the scroll to her friend and Scholar in Kadepesh. Ahlma, quit interested in what they had found out, agreed to give them the letter and had told them she had been holding on to a reward she planned on offering them giving them each 2500 gp in gems. The group planed to leave in three days, Ahlma decided to send a small group of soldiers and Gerek with them since she had some business needing done in Kadepesh. Dearnthorn closed up his business loose ends while Ogwa and DC each profited from fights in the battle arena Ogwa defeating the Great Ogre Shilack in hand to hand combat killing him in the end and DC running the local SwordSteel from the battlement spanking him into submission. The small group looked forward to the short trip to Kadepesh, but it was not to be as restful as they had hoped. On the second day of their journey they came across the merchant Rabid who had been set upon by gnolls. Since he was heading in the same direction and Dearnthorn believing he had found someone who could help him trade his considerable pesh crops befriended him quickly, alas this would not last. The next evening the Oasis they came upon looked as if it had seen recent battle with gnolls and some great creature. Not bothering to search about they walked in and started clearing out the area. Suddenly crashing about them the earth heaved a great beast had taken one of the guards in its great maw pieces falling to either side. The creature stood taller then the palms that surrounded the watering hole another soldier fell before the group could react. Acid fell from the great worm mouth lightning fired from its eyes and DC suddenly found herself facing the wrath of the great beast once, twice three times it struck could they survive the assault? The Axe pierced the great beast and the fists of Ogwa pounded the body arrows seemed to be of no affect as Dearnthorn climbed the tree to hide. As the dust settled they had lost three good soldiers, Ogwa was wounded severely and DC drank the last of her Ale cursing the beast for breaking the keg.

Even then the troubles for the group would not prove to be over for this journey. As they entered the last Oasis a mere day before entering Kadepesh they were set upon by the remnants of the carrion kings band determined to bring this crud group to their Knees and revenging the great king. Silindra had taken charge of the group after killing the leader when his plan with the great death worm had failed. The Heroes had little time react as they saw the group of soldiers descending upon them. The soldiers took their stand handily beating back the soldiers that had been sent against them Ogwa and Dearnthorn pursued them into the rocks only to find themselves swarmed by gnolls. Looking to the side they saw Gerek and DC holding the left a great two headed beast crashed upon them it looked like it could get no worse, but then a cloud of flames burst around them droping the soldiers Ahlma had sent with them to the ground writhing in the last gasps of searing pain. Then the gnolls came pouring from rocks. Dc screamed obscenities in a frenzied language Dearnthorn and Ogwa had never heard. But the great ettin know what she was saying it slowed him in his tracks buying some much needed time. DC’s great Axe swung and a gnoll found himself split from the great blow clutching his innards trying in futility to hold them in. The ettins long reach struck Gerek wildly with the chained ball crushing his ribs, and sending him sprawling. Still he held his sword hoping to hold him long enough to Let DC get to him after if he ran the giant would hit him again surely killing him.

Dearnthorn heard the sound of battle all around him, his small size making it difficult to see over the hyena’s that had circled him deftly they would slip in and he would counter until the magic hit him he felt his muscles tighten No he tried to yell this was surely his end the shaman had cast hold on him. Ogwa fighting Beside him had not noticed, he had enough problems of his own he not completely recovered from the battle with the death worm and though lowly the shear numbers of their foe could defeat them! Ah help had arrived, it was Rabin the merchant they had helped he gotten the cleric to safety and was now joining in the fight, Ogwa relaxed a bit see he was running to help his halfling friend even this slimmest of hope spurred Ogwa on the swift and deadly blows of his fist brought another of the gnolls down. Ye he thought With these two by his side he was sure they would survive to win the day!

DC had made short work of the four Gnolls now all that remained was the Ettin she looked with surprise to see that he moved and engaged Gerek. A quick look at Gereks wounds told her he was no match for this giant. With the Gnolls gone she was sure she could take him easily. Her scream startled the Ettin and Gerek knew this would be his only chance to run as the ettin swung at DC her training and natural hatred of Giant kind served her well as
she deflected the blow with her great a deft axe turn of the wrist the blade bit into his foot his scream of rage echoed thru the battle. Another twist of the blade and the ettins screams where cut short. With Blood lust in her eyes she turned to see her companions surrounded and fighting for their lives.

Dearnthorns struggle with the magic seemed to be to no avail then without warning he felt a cold blade slip between the pieces of his armor he had been stabbed in the back. Rabid pulled the blade from Dearnthorn Surprised he had not fallen, deciding he didn’t need him dead to get the scroll he reached to try and pull the back pack from his back but was nearly knocked down himself as the last of the Hyenas took the Halfling to the ground. He himself felt a blade pierce his side as Gerek had arrived to see him stab the Halfling. No emotion showed on Gereks face as he twisted the blade and the merchant slid lifeless from his trusted falchion. This treachery had been delt with swiftly. Dearnthorns struggle finally succeeded: as he broke the spell Ogwa finished the great Hyena above him the battle raged on out numbered and wounded it would take all of their skills to finish this as the rest of the Gnolls rushed forward to finish them off.
DC arrived Just as Ogwa took a spear to the side struggling to keep his feet DC’s blade flashed once again and the Gnoll that had delivered the blow to Ogwa lost a leg and tumbled to the ground. Dearnthorn Relieved that he was not dead tumbled past another and drove his blade into the back of Silindra “You wont kill me that easy she growled her blade flashed and Dearnthorn felt it bite deep into his chest was this it? Ogwa staggered back and with the diminishing Ki he had left he managed to cure some of his injury only to feel another blade strike him struggling with consciousness he managed one more flurry of blows before he dropped taking the great gnoll that had been protecting Silindra with him, he slipped into unconsciousness. In his rush to hep the adventurers Gerek passed to close to Silandras companion and paid with a blow without emotion he slipped into Darkness. With just two gnolls, Silindra and her companion DC and Dearnthorn it would come down to the final blows.

Dearnthorn could barely see pushing back the pain and wiping the blood from his face he couldn’t imagine why DC had ran past the Gnoll to his left that had dropped Gerek drawing the attack away from Dearnthorn she positioned herself Behind SIlndra with a quick thrust of the pointed shaft end of her axe into SIlandra. A grunt could be heard from her as she staggered a bit forward Dearnthorn Realized it was now or never his blade darted forward he saw the opening and drove the blade up into her jaw piercing the thin portion of the skull there blood poured from the lethal wound The remaining Gnoll Swung visiously at DC again and again. Deflecting each blow with the axe she waited until she found the opening she was looking for and buried the axe in his skull.

Only after the battle was over did they realize the depth of treachery Rabid the merchant had gone Aquina the acolyte Rowena had entrusted to them had been brutally murdered not protected by Rabid without her healing skills all they could do was use the few potions they had to revive Ogwa and Gerek. It would be a long worry some night for the group

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Beginning of third chapter
looking for some additional players

I will be adding more to this post shortly, but currently we are looking for two or three additional players. We are an adult group (30-50 years old)and play a third addition modified rules. we have two females and three males (and myself the GM) that have been playing. The group is friendly, We usually have awesome food and enjoy the game. We try to play once a month and have currently lost two players due to military change of station. If you are interested send me and Email and we will discuss it.



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